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The Metaverse is a big topic of interest right now, and many people are wondering where to learn all things Metaverse.

Clearly, the Metaverse is positioning itself to become an everyday part of our lives. From games and communication to professions and opportunities, humans are building the foundations of the Metaverse for the virtual future.

Companies like Emirates are preparing for the future. They recently announced that they are hiring 4,000 crew members to train for the Metaverse. The Government of Dubai has recently developed an ambitious strategy aimed at creating 40,000 jobs in the virtual Metaverse. In addition, they hope it will add $4 billion to the city’s GDP over the next 5 years.

Also, the Metaverse will need people with the right skills to help create this new world. The metauniverse will need the planners, augmented and virtual reality engineers, ecosystem developers, asset consultants and creative entrepreneurs needed to propel it forward over the next few years.

But where do you go to explore the Metaverse and expand your knowledge of this fascinating cosmos? Here are 3 highly rated and recommended Udemy courses you can take. They will give you an edge when looking for future opportunities in the Metaverse.

This course is a best seller Udemy’s Metaverse course, which has received 4.5 stars from nearly 4,000 of 15,168 students. Enrique Conteiro and Bee Lee designed the course.

Enrique is a bestselling author with over 5 years of experience teaching Blockchain, FinTech, NFT and the Metaverse. Bea Lee is fascinated by Bitcoin innovation and has more than 48,000 students behind her.

The Metaverse Masterclass teaches students about what Metaverse is, the technology behind it, its future potential, and how they can invest in it.

This 3.5-hour course offers the whole package for a modest price of $29.99, and beginners should take note.

As the highest rated Metaverse course on Udemy, Metaverse Fundamentals offers a beginner’s course filled with useful content.

George Levy, a Certified Senior Blockchain Instructor at the Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT), and Joanne Amengual, who works in technology sectors such as artificial intelligence, cloud, blockchain and data science, created the course. As instructors, they have received high marks in the reviews of over 120,000 students.

The course includes knowledge blocks on the Web3.0 revolution, Metaverse market opportunities, AR, VR, Mixed Reality, AI, Metaverse use cases, and the tools to create these new virtual worlds.

Importantly, the course even walks students through the process of creating their avatar, including the opportunity to experience it in the Metaverse.

Even at the higher price of $84.99, this 2.5 hour course may be right for you.

Last on our list, George Levy and Joan Amengual return, but this time it’s a course for the serious develop your own Metaverse .

This 3.5 hour course will help you use Three.js. Three.js is a powerful library that can be used to create a 3D Metaverse environment from scratch. In addition, you will learn how to design smart contracts with NFT tokens in Solidity. You will use these smart contracts in your Metaverse.

Finally, students will link their Metaverse to blockchain data and your NFT tokens. The course concludes with advanced Three.js projects to enhance the Metaverse you’ve created. This course costs $84.99, but if you’re serious about creating a metauniverse, it might work for you.

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