“Mavka burns with fury”: for the anniversary of the war, the creators of the cartoon created an emotional video


To the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the creators of the animated film “Mavka. Forest Song” created a video dedicated to indomitable Ukrainians.

“At the heart of the video is a scene of a battle between two worlds – the World of the Forest and the World of People, reminiscent of the fierce struggle of Ukrainians for their home, peace and Victory. While working on the cartoon at the time, the creators did not even imagine how much its plot would resonate with today. But the main idea of ​​the tape was and remains unchanged: love is our greatest value. Having it in our heart – we do not die. The same idea is embedded in the original work of Lesya Ukrainka,” the message reads.

The authors of the cartoon emphasize that “with love for our big Ukrainian family, we continue to work, create, defend ourselves, fight despite everything, even when our “Forest” is on fire. Light will overcome darkness, love will overcome hatred, we will overcome the enemy.”

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