Poroshenko transferred the Roshen corporation to his eldest son, which saved the property from seizure


What happened. The ex-president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, transferred the Roshen corporation and other large businesses to his eldest son, which may allow him to avoid the seizure of assets.

Source. About this it is said in the investigation “Investigation.info”.

Details. Previously, the court seized all of Petro Poroshenko’s property. In particular, we are talking about several apartments, an estate in Kozyna, and a number of Ukrainian companies. As the journalists found out, Roshen confectionery corporation is not among these companies. There is no comprehensive list of seized assets in open sources, and this information was confirmed by the prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office Yuriy Belkin.

According to the investigation, for years Poroshenko indicated his rights to the confectionery business in the declaration. But, as the journalists found out, the ex-president’s key business assets are now owned by his eldest son Oleksii. We are talking about about five dozen companies, a significant part of which is directly related to the Roshen corporation. The agrarian business that belonged to the former president was also transferred to Poroshenko Jr.

According to journalists, Petrov Poroshenko personally owns about a dozen companies, most of which, according to the open data of the Tax Service, are difficult to call successful.

Comments. The press service of Petro Poroshenko reported that Oleksii Poroshenko stopped his political career in 2019, after which, by the decision of the trust manager, he was granted all the rights and powers of the ultimate beneficial owner of the “blind” trust.

The press service added that this was connected “exclusively with the termination of Oleksiy Poroshenko’s political activity and further ensuring the separation of Petro Poroshenko’s political activity from business.”

Background. December 20 State Bureau of Investigation informed Petro Poroshenko about the suspicion in treason and aiding terrorist organizations within the framework of the criminal scheme of supplying coal from the temporarily occupied territories.

The Pechersk District Court of Kyiv granted the request for seizure of property of the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, in the case of supplying coal from ORDLO.

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