Premieres and festival: theatrical events of the week in Kyiv


Interesting performances and a three-day theater and book festival were prepared for theater fans.

This week, new productions will be presented in the capital, in particular, the expected “Visit” with Natalia Sumska in the lead role will be shown on the stage of the Franka Theater, and a comedy about the dark side of a star’s life will be shown at the Lesya Ukrainka Theater. An excerpt from “Stolen Happiness” will also be played in the bookstore and the role of the theater during the war will be discussed.

“Visit” at the Frank Theater

The play was staged by director David Petrosyan based on one of the most famous plays of the classic of Swiss literature, Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990), “The Visit of the Old Lady” (1956).

His paradoxical, full of grotesque and “black humor” works with fascinating intrigues, the absurdity of the situations in which the characters find themselves, and at the same time deep knowledge of human psychology, have attracted more than one generation of world theater artists.

According to the plot, Claire Tsakhanasyan (Natalia Sumska) returns to her city, from where she had to flee because of the betrayal of her beloved Alfred Ilya (Olexii Bogdanovych and Oleg Stalchuk), accused of fornication and the birth of a child out of wedlock. But now she is a billionaire and has her own plans for the visit, how to take revenge for the evil done to her.

Oleksiy Bogdanovich as Alfred Ilya. Photo: Franko Theater

“The premiere of the play was supposed to take place a year ago. After a month of rehearsals, we had to stop the work process due to the war and a full-scale invasion. During this year, both the understanding of the text and the decision of the play changed, he said directed by Davyd Petrosyan. — There were many doubts whether it was worth continuing to work on this text. In the end, the nature of the performance acquired a more ascetic solution. The number of characters has decreased to emphasize the relationship between the main characters.

The scenographic space — the image of a lonely mining town where life has stopped — remains relevant even today. As the mayor of the town, played by Ostap Stupka and Bohdan Benyuk, says, “make a noble sacrifice, kill yourself so that our city will rise again.” The brilliant texts of great playwrights are revealed in any country and at any time, provided that they are carefully looked at by both the production team and the audience.”

Davyd Petrosyan was also the author of the musical arrangement. In addition to a live orchestra, the performance will include compositions well known to the audience, in particular, from the opera “Don Juan”.

“Just as in Mozart’s opera Don Juan, the statue of the Commander comes to life to take revenge on Don Juan, so the heroine of Natalya Sumska — Claire Tsakhanasyan — comes to life from the shadows of the past to repay the evil done to her by Alfred, whose role is played by Oleksiy Bogdanovich “, he explains.

When: March 30 and 21 at 5:00 p.m
Where: Franko Theater, Ivan Franko Square,
Ticket price: 50-700 UAH.

The meter’s measured life is disturbed by an ambitious young director. Photo: Lesya Ukrainka Theater

“Master” at Lesya Ukrainka Theater

A comedy based on the play by Maryna Smilianets, directed by Dmytro Morozov, about the dark side of a star’s life.

The main character (Oleg Zamyatin) is a legendary actor, the idol of millions at the end of his life, he sent a successful film career to hell and retired in a God-forsaken village to grow in the garden, drink moonshine, fish, take care of an intellectual cat, grow cucumbers and even explore buddhism…

The measured life of a recluse is disturbed by an ambitious young man – a director from the capital (Mykhailo Ganev/Olexandr Grekov). His supertask is a matter of life and death! — to persuade the old man to star in a new project. Tempting the actor with an interesting scenario and an already allocated budget, the young man encounters cynicism, irony, and even an ax…

The men will have to spend several days in a row in heated arguments about cinema, art, the meaning of life in general. And here is the question – who will win in the end in this duel?

When: March 30 at 6:30 p.m
Where: Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka, st. B. Khmelnytskyi, 5
Ticket prices: 150 hryvnias

The play is about three generations. Photo: Young Theater

“My Mother’s Mother” at the Young Theater

The theater does not betray its tradition of talking about serious things with humor.

This time, a beautiful female team created a sparkling comedy that immerses you in a mystical and ironic world, in which three generations – grandmother, mother and daughter – cannot find an answer to the primordial women’s question: why do men run away from them all their lives?!

And now — a few days before the wedding, Sasha, grandmother’s fiancé, disappears. Maybe the solution is not as simple as everyone thinks? Maybe it’s all the fault of… the late great-grandmother?

So will the secret of the family be revealed, and will the women in this house ever be happy? But where did he disappear to, and will the groom Sasha return?!

Answers to these and other questions in the modern Ukrainian matriarchal comedy based on the play by Daria Kulik, written within the framework of the project “Workshop of the Young. Playwright#2”.

Director Daria Nazarenko staged the play. Young actresses Tetyana Steblovska, Olena Uzlyuk, Svitlana Bocharova, Nicoletta Mochani and Alyona Yakymenko play on stage.

When: March 30 at 6:00 p.m
Where: Young Theater, str. Prorizna, 17, chamber scene
Ticket price: 250 hryvnias

Book and theater festival

Vivat Publishing House and the Young Theater invite you to a book and theater fest.

Visitors will be able to see an excerpt from Ivan Franko’s play “Stolen Happiness” performed by the actors of the Young Theater. In order to delve further into the history of the play, literary critic, teacher of the “Litosvita2” and “Nobility” projects, Bohdana Romantsova, together with the writer Svitlana Taratorina, will talk about the conditions and prerequisites for the creation of this work.

One of the most popular Ukrainian actresses, Irma Vitovska, together with the poet Ostap Slyvinsky read poems from the anthology of poetry created during the war, which Vivat publishing house is preparing together with PEN Ukraine. This is a unique opportunity to hear unpublished poetry

General Director of Vivat Publishing House Yuliya Orlova and Artistic Director of the Young Theater Andriy Bilous will talk about culture during the war: how cultural institutions overcome crises and what helps them move forward. Moderator of the conversation is Vadym Karpyak.

When: March 28 at 6:00 p.m., March 31 and April 3 at 5:00 p.m.
Where: Vivat bookstore, str. Petro Sahaidachny, 8
Admission to all events is free.

In addition, all visitors to the event (one hour before, during and one hour after) will receive a -30% discount on everything during the event using the promo code “Vivat+Molodyy”.

Maria Kataeva

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