Several thousand illegal advertising signs were removed in Kyiv in March alone


Most of the illegal constructions were installed on the facades of buildings.

In Kyiv, they continue to fight against illegal advertising signs. So, in March, city streets were cleared of 2,633 such structures.

About this reported on your Facebook page Department of Advertising of KMDA and KP “Kyivreklama”.

In particular, KP “Kyivreklama” removed 989 structures that were placed in violation of the rules. 1,364 structures were removed by the owners themselves based on the results of the conducted surveys and sent demands for the elimination of violations.

The largest number of illegal structures were installed on building facades — 1,563 and poles — 301. The fewest were on lighting poles — 4 and in underground passages — 14.

Some entrepreneurs even managed to place 19 illegal signs on overpasses and bridges, and 32 on the roofs of buildings.

“Signs and advertising materials must be placed in accordance with the rules. Placing the structure in violation of the requirements will make our city more visually polluted and, of course, will lead to its dismantling,” they reminded Department of Advertising of KMDA and KP “Kyivreklama”.

The Department for Advertising of the KMDA launched a Telegram bot “Kyiv advertising“, which helps to navigate in all procedures related to outdoor advertising and signs. Information is provided here on what requirements are in accordance with the format zone, what text is better to place on the sign, how to choose the type of structure and place on the facade.

Also, the Department for Advertising of the KMDA and KP “Kyivreklama” developed a method for designing signs.


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