The book of the “Azovstal” defender was presented in Kyiv


It has a symbolic name – “Mariupol. The book of the brave”.

On Thursday, March 9, the defender of “Azovstal”, Ruslan from Azov with the call sign “David” presented a book called “Mariupol. The book of the brave”.

In it, the defender shares his memories of the battles in the surrounded Mariupol plant. He remembers the loss of comrades, the battles and the life of the defenders of Mariupol, he remembers the living and fallen heroes who distinguished themselves in the battles for the city.

“This is our history, and it is my duty to make sure that these brave and courageous soldiers are known and remembered, their exploits will forever remain in our history, and I believe that in your memory as well,” says the author.

The soldier gave the first printed copy to the commander of “Azov” Denis “Radis” Prokopenko, to whom the poem in the book is dedicated.

The book costs 500 hryvnias. It is currently available for pre-order at Instagram pages. To order it, you need to write to direct.

For reference. On April 4, Ruslan “David” flew on a helicopter to the already surrounded Azovstal plant, took part in the city battles, during which, as a result of a serious wound, he lost his leg a few days before the garrison left Azovstal.

Filming the events on GoPro, the native of Azov became one of the few who at that time showed the reality of the bloody battles in Mariupol from the first person. As part of one of the exchanges of seriously wounded fighters, “David” returned from captivity in June of last year.


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