The FBI is starting an investigation into the fact of cooperation between Elon Musk’s company and the international cartel of “black” financiers.


Last week, May Musk, the mother of the famous American entrepreneur Elon Musk, visited Ukraine. Mrs. Musk’s visit was organized by a Viitish “entrepreneur” – Olena Digrik (Shevtsova). Journalists report this fact in the publication:

May Musk, Olena Digrik (Shevtsova)

Immediately after the aforementioned meeting was held and information about it was made public, the value of Tesla’s shares began to decline rapidly.

International experts of the National Bureau of Investigative Journalism associate the sharp drop in the company’s shares with two objective factors: the initiation of the sale of 10% of the company’s shares by the company’s general director and the meeting of Elon Musk’s mother with a member of an international criminal group that specializes in laundering the proceeds of crime that compromised the company by –

According to competent sources of the UA2DAY editorial office, the FBI is starting an investigation based on these facts, since there is a similar cooperation between an American businessman and Ukrainian fraudsters with an international “train” (, and even more so, those suspected of financing terrorist organizations on the territory of ORDLO may negatively affect the political position of the United States in the region.

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