The Kremlin declared that even in the case of “peace” with Ukraine, it would not leave the occupied lands


The Kremlin made it clear that any “peace” with Ukraine must be based on the fact that the Russian army will not leave the captured territories and return control over them to Kyiv.

Dmytro Peskov, the illustrious spokesman of Vladimir Putin, RBC

Peskov’s direct speech: “While there is no “peace plan” for Ukraine, let’s start with this.

Once again, there cannot be any “peace plan” of Ukraine that does not take into account today’s realities on Russian territory, with the incorporation of four new regions into Russia (Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions in addition to the annexed Crimea – ed.)” .

According to Putin’s spokesman, no plan that does not take into account these “realities” created by Russia can claim to be adopted.

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