The main trends of the autumn-winter 2022/2023 season


Fashion trends never stand still, they are ahead of time, telling about the lifestyles of men and women, their needs, tastes, and general style trends in the world of celebrities. Sometimes trends seem surprisingly extravagant and innovative, and from time to time they become vivid examples of reinterpretation of iconic, established or already forgotten fashion trends.

The Hidemont team found out what clothes are currently in fashion and made a small forecast of fashion trends for autumn-winter 2022/2023. Emphasize your style and boldly stand out from the crowd by following global fashion trends or taking as a basis what is currently in trend to create your own, individual image.


Let the color speak for you

Designers expect that this fall-winter 2023 season, you will definitely find things in neutral colors, namely gray, beige, black, as well as all shades of blue and brown in your wardrobe. Complete the look with accessories in contrasting bright colors, such as red, emerald, pink and fuchsia – it will definitely play into your hands.

Men should experiment with the palette of clothes, combining natural shades – black, gray, brown, beige, khaki – with contrasting red and blue. For example, a classic gray coat of medium length together with a checkered red scarf with black and white elements will become a classic combination that clearly illustrates the trends in clothing in 2022.

As for prints, checkered, floral or animalistic prints will add sophistication and unique taste to your look.

Materials and textures

Fashion autumn-winter 2022 dictates to us a wide selection of materials and textures that are currently in fashion. Among them, stylish clothes made of genuine leather, denim, wool, cashmere and knitwear stand out.


Declare your professionalism to the world

Every business woman knows how to make profitable deals, manage finances, manage a company, stick to deadlines and maintain harmonious working relationships with colleagues. And every successful business woman reviews fashion news and knows about all the fashion trends of this season, which her favorite brand offers. This autumn-winter period clearly shows that business style is not always boring and old-fashioned.

Be sure that the combination of light, natural colors with bright accents will allow you to feel much more confident at an important meeting or greeting your boss in the lobby. Try to find a new look for yourself by wearing a blouse or shirt with flared pants or straight-cut jeans. Classic suits, oversize jackets and sheath dresses – this is what the fall-winter 2022 fashion looks like!

Not only trendy clothes, but also accessories will tell about your professionalism. Securely store your things thanks to leather tote bags, which are now in fashion and will become an indispensable assistant this winter. Learn more about how to choose the bag of your dreams.

Modernize your workspace with personalized accessories like leather mouse pads or table mats.

A high-quality leather laptop case is a must-have fashion accessory that will effectively complete your look in the office, protect your laptop from damage and tell everyone around you that you are aware of this season’s fashion trends.

Back to school tradition

Fashionable clothes 2022 make us remember the long-forgotten preppy style. It is so interesting to watch how women’s attitude to clothes changes over the years. As a teenager, I hated my school uniform, but now I love picking out new checkered jackets and skirts, “varsity” jackets, berets, and I understand that these things are nothing but the fashion trends of this season. Rachel Green’s legendary look of a plaid mini skirt, basic raglan, white leggings and loafers, Blair Waldorf outfits and Harry Potter scarves inspire us to experiment and find exactly those trends for winter 2023 that will profitably set us apart from the rest.

The preppy style approaches the so-called “college fashion” in a new way, and the 2022 clothing trends give new life to the canonical combination and many color solutions. Knitted cardigans, basic tops, mini skirts, leggings and sneakers are all in the spirit of this winter’s fashion trends. In addition, leather satchel bags over the shoulder are a basic accessory without which fashionable clothes in 2022 cannot do.

Emphasize the preppy style in your everyday life by creating a vintage notebook with a leather cover and individualizing it with bright stickers and pictures. Find out what brands and types of notebooks there are, and also find the same leather cover for yourself – an important accessory this fall-winter.


Comfortable fashion

It is not surprising that men are quite picky when it comes to choosing clothes. From year to year, the clothing trends of the autumn-winter collection include comfort and freedom of movement, and the winter fashion of 2022/2023 focuses our attention precisely on these features of men’s clothing. To feel cozy outside in cold temperatures, men choose comfortable fabrics such as wool, fleece and cashmere, combining them with denim, corduroy or nylon.

Oversized baggy clothes and the constant rule of layering are the characteristic trends of 2022 clothing. For example, parkas, classic coats, jumpers, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, straight-cut pants and jeans, sneakers and boots are among the top trends of the winter 2022 fashion collection.

It is worth adding a rolltop backpack to your wardrobe, because in them you will securely store the necessary things, such as a wallet (we have collected some tips on how to choose the perfect wallet), a notebook, a lunch box, a power bank, a laptop and more. Made of high-quality leather in a minimalist design, leather toilet bags, the main trends in clothing and accessories, have become the embodiment of men’s practicality for everyday use and travel.

The image of Bruce Wayne is a reference in defining what is really fashionable clothes 2022.

Classic in a new way

Classics never go out of style, and yes, classic outfits can also be comfortable and embody the trends of the fall-winter 2022 fashion collection. Most successful men in business are aware of the power of their appearance. Not only the combination of individual elements of business style (suits, pants, strict shirts and ties) adds elegance to the image, but also giving preference to only high-quality material, a simple but stylish cut, combining trendy shades. The smart casual style, as the main direction in the winter 2022 fashion collection, is now particularly popular among modern active men.

In general, a blue check jacket, a basic raglan in a natural shade, dark jeans, a genuine leather belt, and monk shoes or brogues harmoniously combine in a convincing look that reflects the main trends of autumn and winter clothing. A leather business card in sophisticated colors will be an indispensable assistant in establishing new business relationships, wherever you are.

Take note of these fall-winter 2022,2023 fashion trends to stylishly emphasize your personality this season by experimenting with colors, textures, accessories and finished looks. We will be glad to hear what the autumn-winter 2022/2023 fashion is for you, and the experience of following autumn and winter clothing trends.

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