Twitter is testing an analogue of dislike around the world: how does the downgrade function work


Social networks are actively experimenting with reactions, and Twitter was no exception. So, the creators of the platform began testing the “Reduce rating” button on user responses.

The function has appeared for some users in the web version and in the mobile application on iOS, it is said in messages. The new button looks like an orange arrow pointing down or an orange finger pointing down.

Unlike likes, it is impossible to see who exactly clicked on “Reduce rating”. At the same time, the developers noted that the new button is not a dislike, and the number of those who clicked on “Reduce rating” will not affect the order of comments on the tweet.

Initially, the function was tested by a limited number of users. During this period, the developers came to the conclusion that users usually downgrade a comment when they consider it offensive or inappropriate. In this way, they seek to demonstrate their dissatisfaction or disagreement.

Twitter believes that the new feature can improve the quality of conversations on the social network.

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