MELOVIN admitted his relationship with Liza Rusyna


The artist started an affair with his partner on the dance floor on “Dancing with the Stars”

After a scandalous coming out at Atlas Weekend and a six-year affair with a boyfriend, MELOVIN began a relationship with his partner on the dance floor on “Dancing with the Stars” Liza Rusyna.

For the first time, guesses about the couple’s romance appeared during their participation in the dance project. Then Liza Rusina and Kostiantyn Bocharov (real name of the artist) often fueled rumors about their closeness and kissed live.

The other day, MELOVIN officially confirmed his romantic relationship with Liza Rusyna in the “Social Life” program. According to the artist, they started quite recently, and Lisa was the first to confess her feelings.

We started meeting recently. It all started with messages where you write: “You are so cool, kind, everything is okay.” You calm her down. And then she writes: “I love you.” And I didn’t quite understand what was happening, the singer said.

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