Ukrainian singer Gayara presented a music video about the victory and talked about her dreams.


The singer Gayara spoke about her creative path and competition in Ukrainian show business, about songs from other authors and about her first fee, as well as about the new song “Ukraine will win”, which is about the fact that we will definitely return all territories, all occupied cities. Ukraine will win.

– Tell us about your childhood dreams?

– As a child, I loved to sing. Even in kindergarten, she was a noticeable talented girl: she performed at all concerts. Already in those years, the music teacher Olena Vasilievna noticed me in kindergarten and started to practice piano with me, to work solo. She was the one who enrolled me in a music school and thus put my parents in front of the fact that I was selected for the school and will study there. Then, of course, I did not realize how fateful this period would be for me. However, I am very grateful for this, because music is truly my calling. Such people, who notice you out of dozens of others, can make a person happy for the rest of their life with one action. I am very grateful to this person for my first steps in music.

Despite the fact that I constantly performed on stages, I was very shy to sing for my relatives at home or when I came to visit someone. I was very shy when I was asked to sing “face to face”. Therefore, if your child is shy to sing for you, don’t make hasty conclusions, maybe she will show herself better for a larger audience or she just needs more time.

– When you decided to become a singer, how did your family and friends react to it?

– I decided to become a singer in early childhood (in kindergarten). And when I went to school, I already had specific plans and goals. My parents accepted my wishes. They were happy that I have a job that I love. My mother took me to the music school every day, she waited for me there for hours. In the second grade, my parents bought me an instrument. I practiced the piano every day, because I studied at the piano department, since at that time we did not have a vocal department. In addition, she went to all vocal subjects, which were not mandatory. When I studied at the piano department, I had to play for four hours every day, despite the fact that we all lived in the same room at the time. The whole family understood that it was very important for me. I didn’t really like playing the piano myself, but already at that time I understood that I needed a musical education because I wanted to become a professional singer. I had a defined goal and I understood that I had to choose priorities.

– There is a lot of competition in show business. Do you think friendship exists in show business? Which of the Ukrainian artists are you friends with?

– I really like competition. In fact, competition inspires and motivates me. I will give an example: when I participated in vocal competitions and saw strong participants, I performed brilliantly. I was not interested in which place I would get. I liked this adrenaline on stage, this professional competition, seeing new productions, hearing new arrangements of songs, vocal performances of other participants. When you see many different artists, you awaken even more creativity and the desire to be more unique, brighter, different. The listener chooses different artists according to his mood, his period of life. Every artist has his listener. And at the expense of friendship… Friendship is tested by time and actions. I have very few friends, very few people whom I let so close to me. Yes, there are colleagues at work and there are already conversations about possible collaborations. So follow my work closely and maybe you will learn more later.

– Have you worked with producers before or do you prefer to be “your own producer”?

– I have never worked with producers. I will not say that I have a great desire to have a producer. I am quite an organized person. I know how to gather the right people. It is important to me that I work in a team of like-minded people. For us to be there for each other, for us to have the same goals and tasks, then it doesn’t matter to me how this person will position himself: whether as a producer, or as a general director, or as a manager. Another important thing is that we know how to negotiate. And in general, I feel people well enough. This factor of feeling that this is my person is important for me. Then the process is very easy and everything succeeds. Therefore, it is not essential for me to have a producer. Results and professionalism are important to me.

– You recently premiered a new song. Who is this song dedicated to? Tell us how the song was created?

– Yes, the premiere of the song “Ukraine will win” took place. The song is dedicated to our victory, the victory of Ukraine. The song was written as a fact of our leadership in this struggle. The song says that we will definitely return all territories, all occupied cities. Ukrainians are just such a people: despite pain and fatigue, we joke, work, love, believe in the best. This is our character, our charisma, our light, which will break through all the darkness. This song was adapted from my English-Ukrainian song “What is Ukraine”. My team and I decided to make a Ukrainian version of the song and in the process completely changed the chorus, the melody of the first verse, additional vocals, changed the arrangement. A completely new song was released, which began to sound like a victory. Then the name “Ukraine will win” was born. Gayara – Ukraine will win (official video)

Gayara songs are written for your life stories. Who is the author of your songs?

– Mostly yes, all songs are accompanied by certain events in my life. Sometimes it happens that I describe other people’s stories. It can be an idea for a song and then the development of the theme itself, as I see it, as I feel it. Each song is a very individual process. I create songs myself, so a song or an idea can come to me anywhere. It is very important for me to record the motive on the recorder. I am a sensitive enough person, so every strongest emotion that arises in me and that could not “sit inside” is broadcasted in my songs. I have this principle of songwriting: if I can’t write this song, then I won’t write it. If the song is always in my head, then I definitely have to write it. And then I feel relieved. Probably, only those people who have ever experienced something like this will understand this. Each song is a fairly large project that takes a lot of time and effort of the entire team. Sometimes a song can reach up to five versions until all project participants approve.

And for the author, it is very difficult to revise what she wrote herself. It’s like painting a huge picture completely and then tearing it up, throwing it away and starting again. And there are songs that are written in one breath. Everything is different.

– Many songwriters want to work with you. Is there a chance for any song writer to become Gayara song writer?

– There is always a chance. Of course, it is easier for me to feel my own songs, but I am ready to experiment if I am “pulled to a song”. It is important that the song coincides with my worldview, with my message for today. Sometimes a new sound can inspire me to write several songs, and sometimes I see how I can rework a song and give it a new life, a new form, change it and bring it to the right level. So I’m looking at different options. It is very important that when sending a song, it must be a demo version. That is, the song must be sung with the selected tempo, delivery, and manner. Quality is important – good vocal and instrument sound. If there is no quality, it is very difficult to understand what the author wants to convey, what emotions, what atmosphere.

– What did you spend your first artist’s fee on?

– I spent my first artist’s fee on my work. Because show business is a continuous process of investments that do not return very quickly. I believe that there are desperate people working in the field of music, for whom the main thing, first of all, is to convey their message through a song. This is such a great value for us that we cannot do otherwise. Sometimes you forget about some of your other desires, hobbies – and you’re already thinking about a new song, planning a music video, imagining how it all happens. All thoughts about creativity. Also, I constantly want to make everything better, everything is better, that’s why budgets change, I want to make very high-quality music.

– How would you describe the music you are writing now?

– My music can be both expressive, dynamic, and very dramatic and lyrical. It is important for me to convey an emotion. For example, if there is pain, then to cry; if joy, then to dance; if it’s love, then it’s hate. That’s how I feel about the world. If I were asked to describe my work very briefly, I would say two words: “hot emotions”. Hot not because of characters and thoughtlessness, but because of the bright presentation of sensations, the maximum return at one hundred percent. I like to be in the moment, to be here and now. And, of course, I believe in the best. All my songs, even sad ones, end with a positive moment.

– Do you listen to your own songs on the road, do introspection?

– Yes, I listen to my songs both on the road and at home. I dance to my songs, and I just listen, analyzing. Mostly I like the final result. However, in the process of work, at the last moment, I realize that something is superfluous or something needs to be added – I try to do it. It is important that if you notice a flaw, you must correct it, because then I will constantly mention it. Sometimes when I listen to a song that is already available to my listeners, I realize what I want to realize in the next song. Maybe it will be some new sound, maybe some new idea for the music video. Each song is a work of three months to a year. (song creation, arrangement, finished music video). So it is better to act than to wait for an ideal that does not exist. You need to catch the vibe here and now.

– If you look into the future, what kind of music would you like to perform in 10 years?

– You know, this year I did not plan to create songs about war. Circumstances and events interpret music. Events radically change our lives. Today, it is sometimes difficult to plan something for a week, let alone a few years ahead. How music will sound in ten years is very difficult to say. So the question about my music in ten years is open. Of course, I have very global plans and not only in music. I always set impossible goals for myself to make life more interesting.

– What would you like to wish our readers?

– I want to wish readers and listeners to live now and today, to let go of the past. It is important to be thankful for everything that happens in your life. Decision-making will radically move you forward. If it is difficult to make a decision, the following statement can help you: “make a decision without being pushed back by the opinion of society and without being pushed back by fears” and the third option will be truly yours.

Communicated with: Vitaly Shulyar.

Photo: Courtesy of Gayara Management


Gayara (real name Olena Kovaluk) is a singer, songwriter, winner of the television project “Karaoke on the Maidan” (2007), winner of the Grand Prix of the “Show Western Region” international competition, graduate of the “Crystal Bay” international vocal competition, master’s degree of musical art of the variety department. Ex is a member of the musical group “Dana Voda”. The founder and vocal coach of the vocal academy “Art Mus”. The first author’s song “United Ukraine” was presented in 2014, and in 2018, a music video for this song was presented. At that time, the artist performed under the pseudonym Melena. In 2021, she released her debut video “I am a Ukrainian” under the new stage name “Gayara”, after which she performs under this name, and also takes an active part in charity concerts, in particular in concerts in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In July 2022, she presented the music album “History of War” and the separate single “What is Ukraine” at the stadium in the city of Rivne, and also began cooperation with the “Veres” football club, writing the anthem “Victory” for the club, which will be included in the artist’s new album .

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