“Yanukovych’s team took revenge on Onishchenko’s family”… the case is gaining fatal momentum..


Investigative journalists of the UA2DAY editorial office, in fruitful cooperation with international colleagues, conduct a titanic job of uncovering the most resonant schemes of Ukrainian politics. During the last months of our work, we have presented for your consideration the majority of criminal devices related to “respectable” politicians, such as Messrs. Savchenko and Geletey, Kolomoiskyi and his “American” friends, corruption in NABU and the like…

However, today’s material is extremely dangerous for all its effective persons, because we will tell you about how the team, and in fact the organized criminal group of the fugitive president Yanukovych, took revenge on the family of Oleksandr Onyschenko, yes, the very one who first announced a strong corruption connection connection between the “families” of Poroshenko and Yanukovych.

They took revenge – cynically and without “concepts” – through children.
Considering the methods of action of Yanukovych’s OZU, we are simply obliged to give publicity to the situation, since “these actors” will not finish things so easily and blood is inevitable…

Active persons:
Fugitive President – Viktor Yanukovych;
former Chairman of the Higher Economic Court of Ukraine – Victor Tatkov;
former Deputy Chairman of the Higher Commercial Court of Ukraine – Artur Yemelyanov;
the nominal holder of OZU assets is Malik (Murahver) Pavlo;
entrepreneur-patron – Oleksandr R. Onyshchenko;
entrepreneur-patron – Oleksandr O. Onyschenko;
entrepreneur – former owner of the “Decor – Donbas” shopping center – Andriy Lepeyko;
the entrepreneur is Vyacheslav Sobolev.

All the above-mentioned persons have one thing in common – they transparently formed their fortunes, created thousands of jobs, but people from the former president’s team paid close attention to them, in particular: Yemelyanov, Tatkov and Murakhver.

Yes, Oleksandr Romanovych Onishchenko is a public figure in Ukrainian business and politics, master of sports, philanthropist, entrepreneur who managed to build effective cooperation on the principles of public-private partnership in difficult times.

Of course, thanks to his work, he was obliged to provide and support his family, and, let’s be honest, he had every opportunity to do so.

We will not go into the details of his personal life, which has already been “under the crosshairs” of the domestic and local mass media hundreds of times, but we will dwell on only one real estate object that he purchased in order to ensure a comfortable life for the future family of his son – Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Onyshchenko.

So, in order to ensure a full life for his family, Oleksandr Romanovych purchased a residential building in the city of Kyiv at the address: 10-a Radutny lane and a corresponding plot of land.
However, as an entrepreneur, he perfectly understood that money should “work” and on March 22, 2011, he issued a mortgage for the specified house, which, according to the letter signed by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Bank Cambio” 22/2754/1 dated December 1, 2014 – successfully closed by fully repaying credit obligations with corresponding removal of all encumbrances from real estate.

Of course, after removing the encumbrances, dad gives the house to his son. As for a civilized society, it is a respectful and responsible gesture.

But who knew that OZU, made up of former raider judges, was already working on all Onishchenko’s assets.

In particular, on 25.10.2019, i.e., 5 years after Onyshchenko fully repaid the loan obligations, an agreement “on assignment of claim rights” on this real estate object was forged between PJSC “Bank Cambio” and, initially, FC “Finmark”, which, in turn, the aforementioned right of claim is transferred to FC Barcelona LLC on November 1, 2019.

Thus, trying to form an “honest buyer” in the person of FC “Barcelona” is actually a well-known raiding scheme. https://youcontrol.com.ua/ru/catalog/company_details/41842020/

The result of such actions was the subsequent illegal foreclosure on the subject of the mortgage, and, in fact, the illegal deprivation of the owner of the residential building and land plot belonging to him.

Of course, the owner did not tolerate such lawlessness and filed a corresponding complaint with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, in which he asked to cancel the decision of the state registrar O.M. Sklyarenko. dated 03.10.2019 48995991, 48996688, 48994647, 48995190 and private notary Tverskaya I.V. dated 03/27/2020 under number 51808864.
Based on the results of consideration of this complaint, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine issued order 3174/5 dated September 14, 2020 – to satisfy the owner’s complaint in full, to cancel the illegal decisions of the notary and the state registrar on the object!

It would seem that the raider’s attack was successfully repelled, albeit with nerves, at times, reimbursement of expenses to qualified lawyers and an opportunity to live peacefully.

But…. here is the most interesting thing… you need to know the mentality of the raiders, and especially of this RAM…

As we noted above, interest in the assets of Oleksandr R. Onyshchenko was shown by the subordinates of the fugitive former president – Yemelyanov, Tatkov and the subject vassal Murakhver (Malik) aka Dmytro, aka Pavlo, but essentially one and the same person.

The scheme by which the group of raiders continues to work is cynical and simple:
1.) Select an interesting asset for which the mortgage was issued;
2.) Forge a contract of assignment of the right of claim to one’s own financial companies;
3.) Foreclose on the subject of the mortgage;
4.) Get physical access to “squeezed” objects.
5.) Offer the former owners to buy out for millions.

This is exactly what happened to Andrii Lepeyko, the owner of the Decor Donbass shopping center, who was offered to buy out for 500,000 pounds by the mentioned members of OZU, and when he refused, he was forced to leave Ukraine due to threats of physical destruction. Colleagues from ORD described this situation in more detail: https://m.antikor.com.ua/articles/31514-organizovane_suddivsjke_ugrupovannja
Although, Mr. Lepeyko was not afraid to turn to the law enforcement agencies, which initiated the relevant proceedings 42014000000000214 dated 31.03.2014 under Art. 375, 376, 368 of the Civil Code.

A similar story befell the owner of a large retail network – businessman Vyacheslav Sobolev, who refused to pay and the thieves trivially ordered his murder. We remember this terrible story very well – during the attempt, Vyacheslav’s young son was killed: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.censor.net/ru/news/3163365/emelyanov_tatkov_broslavskiyi_sobolev_nazval_veroyatnyh_zakazchikov_pokushaniya_na_nego_video

And, unfortunately, there are hundreds of other entrepreneurs who suffered at the hands of the mentioned RAM. Only in open sources there are more than 54 criminal proceedings in which Tatkov, Yemelyanov, Malik (Murakhver) appear – 42013110000001050 dated 17.10.16, 42015000000001756 dated 18.08.16, 42016000000000001 dated 04. 01.16 and others…

However, judging by the data available to our editorial office, it was the turn of the Onyshchenko family, and his son Oleksandr, who single-handedly repelled the OZU raider attack and refused to pay them, was under direct threat of destruction.

In addition, even taking into account the fact that the said residential building no longer belongs to the Onyshchenko family, it is still of great interest to the raiders, which harms the interests of the new owner.

Currently, Yemelyanov’s criminals have launched a new scheme to “squeeze” the house on 10-a Radutny Lane – through the Ministry of Justice. The scheme is banal, with distorted facts and reality. The case should be heard on September 7, 2021.


The editorial staff of UA2DAY asks to consider this material as an official appeal to all law enforcement agencies, people’s deputies of Ukraine, whose competence includes the protection of the interests of citizens, and asks to take measures to ensure the safety of Yemelyanov’s opponents, namely the legal owners (beneficiaries) of the residential building on Radutnoy Lane 10-А in the city of Kyiv and compliance with their ownership rights to the proper property.

Author: human rights defender Kostyantyn Kryvopust

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