“A world without borders”: a book about inclusion is available online


Publishing House “Osnovy Publishing» published the book “World Without Borders” – a publication about diversity and equality, which talks about inclusion in an accessible and easy language. The publication is intended for children of primary school age. Copies have already been distributed among 20,000 schools throughout Ukraine. A book is also possible download for free.

The author of the publication Anastasia Stepula – the founder of the public association “Happy Today”, engaged in educational activities on the topic of autism. I created the illustrations Kateryna Pokladova.

The book will be a guide to the world of diversity for children, as well as a helper for adults who are sometimes embarrassed by children’s questions. According to the author, the book is written in such a way that the dialogue between a child and an adult is equal. “It is very important to respect children’s questions, which may or may not arise at every stage of reading the book. They may seem strange, naive. But they need to be answered, constantly sending the child to empathy. To explain, keeping the equality vector in mind all the time – we are all equal and respectful treatment of everyone is the only possible way,” Anastasiya Stepula said.

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