Current selection of Ukrainian Telegram channels about cinema


We are talking about 17 Telegram channels dedicated to cinema and related topics, which have an author’s point of view and can interest you with their contents.

  1. waste.

On the channel you will find reviews, fragments and links to watch underground non-mass cinema. The author of the channel Aline Marno also creates Ukrainian subtitles, so on her YouTube channel you will be able to find immediately links to films that the author talks about in her posts — animation by the Fleischer studio, films by Chantal Akerman and other avant-garde nuggets. A real find for cinephiles. The channel is mainly in English and Ukrainian.

  1. July from 5 to 7

The name of the channel is a reference to the famous tape of the French new wave “Cleo from 5 to 7” directed by Agnes Varda. The author of the channel Julia Kashpor shares screenshots from favorite films, talks about films of the golden age of Hollywood, as well as about female characters in cinema. In addition, Kashpor studies the history of cinema, Jungian psychoanalysis, is interested in surrealist art and poetry – the confirmation of which can also be found on her channel. It all looks like a cottage core aesthetic combined with Sylvia Plath’s lyrics and Sofia Coppola’s optics. Easy, beautiful, but at the same time meaningful and interesting.

  1. heels femme fatale

An anonymous channel covering feminist optics in film, female psychoses, and various portrayals of women in cinema and culture. She has a series of columns, in one of which the author talks about the figures of fatal women, and also shares her favorite tapes, talks about the phenomenon of the female gaze and Ukrainian cinematography.

  1. there will be no cinema

Future applicant of the American Film Institute Gabriella Ter-Nikohosyan shares favorite frames from both classic films and modern films and TV series. Memes, thoughts about movies and interesting reviews – all this can be found on the channel “kina ne buda”.

  1. food in cinema

The name of the channel speaks for itself – the author of the channel shares the image of food in movies, series and animated films, which does not make the channel less interesting, but, on the contrary, adds its own zest to it.

The channel is anonymous.

  1. the movie is worth it

Aytivets Bohdan Lopatin started hosting a channel about cinema, because I had not seen anything similar in the Ukrainian segment. For more than a year, the author has been talking about filming, as well as interesting facts about the actors. Where did the image of Ursula from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” come from? What tribe of Na’vi will we see in the third “Avatar”? And what will the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Gladiator be about? Answers to all these questions and many more can be found on this channel.

  1. zis with cinema

Another channel of authors the movie is not worth it and waste, but, this time, focused on translations. Authors create Ukrainian subtitles for everything from short films to comics. So, if you have long wanted to watch this or that movie in peace, but there is still no dubbing, and your level of English (or any other language) does not allow you to fully immerse yourself in the plot, you can leave your request at order boardand maybe you will be lucky enough to see your dream movie with Ukrainian subtitles.

  1. Horror but make it sexy

Gothic aesthetics and reviews of movies about haunted scientists and monsters. Anastasia Babur — screenwriter, artist and game designer, shares posters of horror movies of the 70s, posts apt memes and photos of actors’ makeup in horror movies. At first, Anastasia shared her favorite horror movies on Twitter on the eve of Halloween, but later decided to write about them throughout the year. If you don’t know which horror movies to add to your watchlist, this channel will definitely tell you.

  1. film drafts

Vladyslav Nudota works as a video editor and shares his reviews of both Ukrainian and foreign films. Quotes from your favorite films, news from the world of cinema and festivals – all this can be found on the channel.

  1. Rubric Kubrick

Ukrainian channel with movie memes of the actor Pasha Vlasenko. The channel has been in existence for three years and offers readers daily author content and news from the world of cinema. The author makes all the memes himself, because he hates plagiarism. And where else can you laugh with joke “Based Instinct” a film by Pavel Verkhovyna (instead of “Basic Instinct” a film by Paul Verhoeven)? In addition to channel telegrams, Pasha also runs TikTok and is working on a film about Edward Norton.

  1. Lizard on Underwood

Channel of Ukrainian film critics Igor Kromph, which informs its readers about the trends of Ukrainian cinema, as well as introduces foreign novelties. Ihor Kromph writes reviews for Ukrainian publications, including LiRoom. For example, he created a series of materials about Ukrainian films on Kyiv Criticism Week, summed up and mentioned what was the life of the Ukrainian film industry last year. And told about five, in his opinion, the most important Ukrainian films of 2022.

  1. Black lotus

Channel Oleksiy Gladushevskyi — screenwriter, producer and co-organizer of the audience film festival “Mykolaichuk Open”. On the channel, you will be able to find news related to Ukrainian cinema and theater, classic and modern, already ready and what is just being prepared. Interviews with actors/directors/screenwriters/producers. Also, twice a month, Oleksiy makes digests on European and Hollywood cinema.


We also add a list of Telegram channels hosted by authors of Ukrainian media about cinema and Ukrainian film festivals.

New Ukrainian culture

This is the Telegram channel of LiRoom media, where we share with you news from the world of Ukrainian cinema, music and literature. And you can discuss all the events and news in our “little room” at the link.


Telegram channel of the Ukrainian media about cinema Moviegramwhere you can find both news from the world of Ukrainian and foreign cinema, as well as updates on materials on the site.

Flashforward Magazine

The channel of the Ukrainian media about cinema, which, relatively recently, resumed its activity in a new Ukrainian-language format — Flashforward Magazine. The channel focuses on updates on site materials and new reviews.


The channel is dedicated to the activities of the Ukrainian Documentary Film Festival — Docudays.

Dovzhenko Center: Dovzhenko Centre

Telegram channel of the state film archive — the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center. The channel publishes interesting facts and articles about Ukrainian cinema, Ukrainian filmmakers, and informs the Ukrainian film community about the situation that has been developing around the Dovzhenko Center in recent months. We remind you that we also covered the situation around the institution, read the link.

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