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English pudding is a tradition. This is the history and culture of the English. Christmas pudding is one of the main dishes of the festive table. It was prepared a month before the celebration. At the same time, visceral or kidney fat, a lot of dried fruits and spices were added to the dough. It turned out such a heavy and greasy dessert. And such a cake was stored for a long time, remaining fresh. The method of cooking this dish is steamed stew. We are not English and our climate is different. I offer a recipe English pudding on butter instead of visceral fat. “To appreciate the taste of pudding, you have to eat it” – so wrote Galsworthy. What is so special about this dish? And let’s cook it, eat it and appreciate it.

Ingredients for making English pudding:

  1. Butter – 100 gr.
  2. Sugar sand – 100 gr.
  3. Flour – 100g.
  4. Breadcrumbs – 100 g
  5. Eggs – 2 pcs.
  6. Baking powder – 0.5 tsp
  7. Milk – 150 gr.
  8. Salt – a pinch
  9. Raisins, dried apricots – 300 gr.
  10. Syrup, whipped cream – to taste.


  1. Pan
  2. Steamer
  3. Mixer
  4. Bowls
  5. Cutting board
  6. Knife
  7. Spoon
  8. Foil
  9. Baking form (preferably detachable)

Preparation of English pudding.

Step 1. Mix butter with flour and breadcrumbs

Remove the butter from the refrigerator and leave to soften. Then cut it into small pieces or grate it on a coarse grater. Mix butter, flour, breadcrumbs and baking powder with your hands until crumbs appear.

Step 2. Beat eggs with sugar

Break the eggs into a separate bowl, add sugar, a pinch of salt and beat with a mixer for 10 minutes. You should get a kind of gogol-mogol.

Step 3. We finish preparing the dough

Add beaten eggs to the dough, mix. Then we pour milk there, mix well again. Cut dried apricots into very small pieces on a cutting board with a knife. Add together with washed and dried raisins to the dough. Mix everything well. The pudding dough is ready. Transfer it to a baking dish (you can use a silicone or removable one), greased with oil. Cover the form with foil from above and fasten well.

Step 4. Bake the pudding

Pudding is prepared in a water bath. For this, they use a wide and deep pan into which water is poured. The water should reach half of the mold with the pudding. At the bottom of the pan, you can put an upside-down saucer, on which the container with the dough is placed. Cover the pan with a lid from above. Put the pot with water and pudding on medium heat and when the water boils, reduce the heat. The dish is kept on fire for 3 hours, periodically checking that the water has not evaporated. Water should be added. You can use a steamer to make pudding.

Step 5. Serve English pudding

The finished pudding is cooled, transferred from the mold to a plate, poured with sweet fruit syrup and decorated with whipped cream.

Bon appetit!


– You can add the peel of one orange and grated nutmeg to the pudding dough.

– You can use the oven to make pudding. Baking time – 1 hour 1 hour 20 minutes at an oven temperature of 160 degrees.

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