In Dnipro, three hospital officials profited by selling free medicines


Under the procedural leadership of the Dnipropetrovsk regional prosecutor’s office, three citizens were notified of suspicion of fraud committed on a particularly large scale.

According to the investigation, the medical director of the communal medical institution, together with the director and accountant of the company, set up a fraudulent scheme to seize the funds of the hospital’s patients.

During the consultation of patients who needed surgical intervention, the medical director reported the lack of necessary medical supplies and drugs and offered to purchase them from a controlled company.

In the future, the director and accountant of the LLC received money from patients and, without providing fiscal checks, promised to transfer medicines and equipment to the operating department of the medical facility.

However, everything necessary for the operation was not given, since the hospital received free of charge medicines from the state for each patient.

In this way, the suspects defrauded at least 10 citizens, causing them losses of almost UAH 1 million.

Computer equipment, mobile phones, documents, bank cards, cash in the amount of UAH 1.6 million, more than 160,000 US dollars, almost 150,000 euros, and cars were seized during the authorized searches of the places of residence and work of the persons involved.

At present, the prosecutors have sent a petition to the court regarding the selection of preventive measures for the suspect.

Investigations are ongoing. The number of victims of the fraudulent scheme is being determined.

According to the materials of the Dnipropetrovsk regional prosecutor’s office

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