In Zhytomyr Oblast, suspicion was reported to the priest who hit a boy with the Ukrainian flag


Under the procedural guidance of the juvenile prosecutors of the Korosten district prosecutor’s office, based on the evidence collected by the investigation, the priest of the local church was notified of suspicion of hooliganism – gross violation of public order due to clear disrespect for society, accompanied by special audacity and exceptional cynicism.

The investigation established that the priest resorted to hooliganism during a community gathering that took place last Sunday, April 2, on the territory of the Church of the Holy Intercession in the village of Irshansk.

During an emotional dialogue with the parishioners, the suspect unjustifiably used physical force against two children, aged 12 and 15. In particular, he pushed one in the shoulder with his hand, inflicting physical pain on the minor, and punched another minor, who was standing with the Ukrainian flag, in the back of the head, causing minor injuries.

We will remind you that the illegal behavior of the priest (a video of such an episode was actively distributed on the Internet) caused outrage in the community and gained significant resonance in society.

The materials of the proceedings have been transferred to the Korosten District Police Department, which is conducting a pre-trial investigation.

Based on the materials of the Zhytomyr Regional Prosecutor’s Office

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