Networking and renewal of public hubs: the “Power of Partnership” summit will be held in Kyiv


The summit of open public spaces “Strength of Partnership” is designed to unite hubs from different parts of Ukraine and raise problematic issues of the industry to the level of professional discussion.

He emphasized this Roman Lelyuk, director of the Public Communications Department of the KMDA on the air of radio “Kyiv” 98 FM.

Roman Lelyuk, Director of the Public Communications Department of KMDA. Photo: Borys Korpusenko

“Today we have created, but not yet formalized, a new industry – public hubs. Unfortunately, there is still neither a unified approach to their creation, nor a legislative regulation of the activities of hubs, Roman Lelyuk emphasized. -. For example, when building a kindergarten, we clearly understand which state building regulations must be met, which legislative and educational normative acts regulate its activities. But there is no such thing for public spaces. Today, there is not a single document, either at the state or local level, that would regulate this particular industry.”

According to him, this issue and many others will be discussed with professional experts as part of the Summit of open public spaces “The power of partnership” and real cases will be worked out for their solution.

The summit will last for two days.

April 20 the participants are waiting for 3 large panel discussions with the participation of representatives of the city self-governments of Ukraine, Poland and Great Britain. On the second day —

April 21 — at the same time, 8 separate hubs will open their doors to Summit visitors, where discussions will take place on topical topics that correspond to the values ​​of public space.

  1. On the basis of Vcentri HUB: Holosiiv, training for the staff of open public spaces from all over Ukraine “Administrator School” will take place.
  2. In Shevchenkivskyi Vcentri HUB, it is planned to develop important components that should be in public spaces from the point of view of public activists, because public spaces are created precisely for their convenience.
  3. The Ukrainian-Danish Youth House will host a discussion on how hubs help develop young people and become places where young people develop talents and ideas are born.
  4. DialogHub will hold an interactive event to develop proposals for the implementation of an integrated approach to the provision of social and psychological services in the field of combating domestic violence, using public spaces.
  5. On the basis of the space of the Observatory, a discussion will be held on the involvement of hub resources in the latest educational processes.
  6. VeteranHUB will raise the topic of the importance of developing comprehensive programs of socialization and rehabilitation of veterans in communities, which will take place on the basis of open public spaces.
  7. The House of Civil Society is preparing an interactive event: how to find effective tools for attracting partners, donors and donations for the hub.
  8. The Central Children’s Library of Kyiv will discuss the transformation of municipal/national libraries into modern spaces for intellectual/cultural development.

Registration for the second day of the Summitin progress until April 14 via the link.

The event is held by the Department of Public Communications of the KSDA with the support of ISAR Unity within the framework of the project Sectoral Support Initiative for Civil Society, which is implemented by ISAR Unity in a consortium with the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Studies (UNCPD) and the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law (CEDEM) thanks to the sincere support of the American people, provided by through the United States Agency for International Development. The initiative is also supported by the Office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine-Kyiv and the Association of Cities of Ukraine.

Maria Kataeva

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