Nicolas Cage evaluates the possibility of a sequel to the movie Face/Off


Nicolas Cage is ready for an on-screen revenge against his former colleague John Travolta .

As the actor exclusively told in the episode E! News “I would like to return to the ring Face/Off”. The 1997 sci-fi action film starred Travolta as FBI agent Sean Archer, who switches faces with his archenemy, terrorist Castor Troy (Cage), in hopes of killing him.

And it looks like Cage already has a plot in mind for the next film. “I think that ” Face/Off ” is so unique and there’s a lot to think about and explore, especially with the characters’ descendants,” he explained. “It would almost be like three-dimensional chess, three different layers, where kids, parents and everybody are trying to jump in.”

Not only the idea of ​​reprising his role as Castor/Sean excites the graduate National treasure but also the idea of ​​reuniting on screen with his co-star, nominated for ” Oscar”.

“I’ve always thought of John as kind of a soulmate, so much fun to work with and a real positive energy,” Cage shared. “I don’t know if I would look at it as a master class or just fun.”

The couple had such a great time working together on set Face/Off that Cage compared himself to “two kids in the back of a schoolroom, and we could be in trouble.”

Although there are currently no plans for a sequel Face/Off the 59-year-old actor has plenty of projects coming out in 2023 to keep fans entertained, including play dracula in the upcoming horror comedy ” Renfield “, which will be released in April. 14—together with Nicholas Holt and Aquafina .

But before that, Cage will play the role of cowboy Colton Briggs in a new action movie “The old way ». The film tells the story of how a former shooter is confronted by the vengeful son of the man he killed.

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