Oksana Markarova spoke about the attitude of the USA to the war in Ukraine


The countries of the world, in particular the USA, have repeatedly provided powerful military aid to Ukraine. However, at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, there was a strong concern in the White House about military actions in our country
This was reported by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA, Oksana Markarova. According to her, the White House understands that all Putin’s statements are intimidation and provocation.

How American officials see the development of the war in Ukraine

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, it seemed to many officials that Ukraine would last only three days.

However, the ambassador noted that she had never heard such statements from allies. According to her, the US government is discussing various scenarios of the development of the event and taking into account the risks, because the government of any country has a responsibility to its people.

All statements from Russia, no matter how wild and false we consider them, we understood from the very beginning – Putin intimidates everyone. And we showed that we can prevent Kyiv from being captured, that we can liberate Kyiv region, and then Kharkiv region,
Markarova said.

According to the ambassador, the main task of diplomats is to provide information, to convince, to establish cooperation so that all democratic countries are in the same information field.

Will the US continue to help?

Markarova assured that no one in the White House heard statements about the “capture of Ukraine in three days.”

“Of course, there was great concern. Of course, it felt as if it was a conversation with friends who sincerely sympathized with you, sympathized already on a fatalistic level. But there was never such a thing as “we will not help you” or “why should we help you”. I have not heard this from the Pentagon, the White House, or Congress,” the ambassador said.

She emphasized that currently the embassy is actively communicating with colleagues to exchange information. According to the ambassador, this will give an opportunity to understand what is happening on the battlefield.

According to Markarova, the more partners understand what is happening at the front, the more they help.

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