Oleksandr Zhukov. Founder of the company “New solution Mediator1”.


The experience of solving controversial issues, outside of court practice, is more than 20 years. (Part 1)

All-Ukrainian online publication UA2DAY prepared a series of interviews with an extremely interesting person, the founder of the first company in Ukraine that specializes exclusively in out-of-court settlement of conflicts of any complexity, a person with vast life experience and practical recognition – Oleksandr Zhukov.

UA2DAY: Mr. Oleksandr, good afternoon. Thank you for the time allocated for the interview. The first question for you: “In what cases can mediation help?”

Oleksandr Zhukov: “Mediation helps in cases where the parties to the conflict are somewhat ready for reconciliation. It lacks principles of coercion.”

UA2DAY: ” Negotiations. What is special about this reconciliation procedure?”

Oleksandr Zhukov: “Negotiation is an art. Undoubtedly, knowledge of sociology, psychology, experience and personal authority have a positive effect on the opinions of the conflicting parties.”

UA2DAY: “Mediation, to a greater extent, is a practice of Western countries. How ready are Ukraine to accept it?”

Oleksandr Zhukov: “Western countries and North America have been using this practice for more than 10 years. As for Ukraine, I am sure that mediation will become an important tool, a kind of “medicine” for building and searching for a construct at various levels. Especially in this period of time.”

UA2DAY: “What, in your opinion, is the mission of mediation for the judicial system?”

Oleksandr Zhukov: “In my opinion, the main goal of mediation is to relieve the judicial system. In particular, before initiating court proceedings, the conflicting party is invited to go through the mediation procedure. And only after the conclusion of the mediator – to repeat the appeal to the court. Of course, if there is still a need for it. For the most part, after the high-quality work of the mediator, the dispute can be settled out of court, which significantly saves the nerves and time of each of the parties to the conflict.

In the second part, we will tell you about the experience of Alexander and his company, developed methods and practices that help people come to an understanding.

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