The Anti-Corruption Center expressed doubts about the integrity of the next candidate for the Supreme Court of Ukraine


Yes, on the page CPC the attitude of specialists to the candidacy of Ms. was published in social networks Victoria Berezyuk:

“Let us introduce you to another candidate for the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Our colleagues from DEJURE Foundation prepared an analytical report on the judge of the Novomoskovsk court of the Dnipropetrovsk region Victoria Berezyuk.

In particular, our colleagues found 13 cases under Art. 130, which the judge closed due to the expiration of the terms. In addition, the judge also closed 5 cases under Art. 173 (petty hooliganism) and 173-2 (commitment of domestic violence, failure to comply with a protective order or failure to complete a correctional program).

IN decision on each of the cases, there is no justification why it was impossible to consider them in time.

There are also questions about the candidate’s scientific achievements, because our colleagues found signs of self-plagiarism in her works. In her dissertation work “Fixing court proceedings as a guarantee of the right to a fair trial in criminal proceedings”, Berezyuk used 80% of the text of her previous article “Genesis of the development of domestic legislation and scientific opinion regarding the fixing of court proceedings”. At the same time, in a significant part of the text, the candidate does not indicate that this is a citation of a previous work.

It is also important that the candidate’s father-in-law, Mykhailo Berezyuk, was a local deputy from the Party of Regions in 2010, and from the Opposition Bloc in 2015. We hope that at the interview, Berezyuk will be able to refute any doubts about the ties with Russia, which could be used to put pressure on it.

What about property?

Unfortunately, there are questions here as well. Contrary to anti-corruption legislation, the judge did not include the 73.90 square meter apartment in the paper declarations for 2012 and 2013. Also, the judge did not include a land plot with an area of ​​607 square meters in the paper declaration for 2012.

In addition, the candidate’s husband has funds that are questionable. According to the electronic declaration, in 2021 he sold real estate for UAH 169,122. The only immovable property that he could sell according to the declarations are land plots, which in 2017 were worth UAH 5,990 and UAH 49,502, respectively. I wonder how the judge’s husband managed to sell land plots for 3 times more?

We call on the Competition Commission to investigate the discovered facts regarding judge Berezyuk and consider whether the candidate meets all the criteria of integrity.”

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