The police of the Kyiv region are looking for 12-year-old Anastasia Sivak from Belogorodka


The girl disappeared on April 12, her mother reported it.

On April 13, at 12:45 p.m., the mother contacted the Buchansky police department of the Kyiv region and reported the child’s disappearance.

On the evening of April 12, the daughter said in a conversation that she would go to Kyiv to visit an acquaintance. Anastasia did not get in touch anymore.

Police units of the Kyiv region were quickly involved in the search for the child. Law enforcement officers established that Anastasia Sivak was in the Livoberezhna metro area yesterday.

Anastasia Sivak, who disappeared on April 12, 2023. Photo: Police of the Kyiv region.

What Anastasia Sivak looks like: 154 centimeters tall, thin build, dark hair.

The girl is wearing an orange jacket, a black bag over her shoulder, dark jeans, and brown sneakers. He has an umbrella with him.

When receiving information about the whereabouts of the wanted person, the police ask to inform “102” or by calling 073-047-24-28, 066-063-62-88.

The police of the Kyiv region are looking for Oleksandr Salenka. Three days ago, the wife of the missing man turned to the police.


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