Traumatology departments of Zhytomyr Region hospitals received modern equipment


Modern equipment for traumatology and orthopedics was received as humanitarian aid by the Olev Central Hospital of the Olev City Council in Zhytomyr Oblast.

These are primarily external fixation devices used in the treatment of patients with bone fractures; titanium plates, which are used in case of shin fractures; knitting needles and pulls.

The institution also received tools: electric saws used for cutting joints, as well as drills, nippers, etc.

“We had the most necessary equipment and tools for treating patients, but most of them were obviously outdated, so sometimes we had to look for the necessary tools in various commercial structures, but now – with modern equipment and tools – the effectiveness of treatment increases many times,” Mykola Tretyakov comments. deputy chief physician of the medical institution. – Also, thanks to our partners, we received modern monitors that monitor vital indicators. They are installed in the children’s department, where there was an urgent need for such equipment.”

In total, 288,706 instruments and 316,013 pieces of equipment were delivered to medical institutions as humanitarian aid.

We will remind you that modern monitors control the state of health of patients in the post-infarction period.

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