Urgent online consultations with a doctor have been launched on Helsi


It will be possible to communicate with the doctor via video, audio or chat and receive an electronic prescription.

Medical provider Helsi launched a new urgent online consultation service. Within 15 minutes, the patient receives answers to all questions about the state of health, as well as a referral to a narrow specialist.

And can also get an electronic prescription for antibiotics and other prescription drugs.

The cost of the consultation is 200 hryvnias and is debited only after the successful completion of the appointment. 2/3 of the funds are received by the doctor providing the service.

The service is also available to Ukrainians living abroad. It was reported Yevhen Donets, CEO of Helsi.


Urgent care can be received through the Helsi app for the patient, choosing audio, video or chat to communicate with the doctor. He provides all standard services: consulting, prescribing or referral to a specialist.

The main advantage of an urgent consultation is the patient waits for an appointment only a few minutes, and the doctor is already online.

You can make an appointment for an urgent online consultation also from abroad. Last year, Ukrainians from Poland, Germany, the USA, Great Britain and the Czech Republic made the most requests for only planned consultations.

In 2022, the number of online consultations increased by 1 million, compared to 2021. Last year, 3.2 million online appointments were made, while in 2021 – 2.2 million.


After authorization in the Helsi application, you need to select the “Services” section and the “Urgent online consultation” section. The patient chooses for whom to create a consultation: for himself or his relatives (children, parents, etc.).

The application provides for ordering and paying for services by a mother or father for their child. All this happens from the parents’ account, and the doctor will already work with the child’s card.

If the patient is an adult – for example, a son orders a consultation for his parents – in “related persons” you need to select the father’s or mother’s card and confirm the connection with them via SMS.

The duration of an urgent online appointment is about 15 minutes, in difficult cases, the doctor will extend the time on his own.

Each medical worker connecting to urgent online consultations has a medical license.

If the doctor was not found and the appointment did not take place, the application will be automatically canceled after 2 hours, and the money will be returned to the patient’s account from his bank. If the appointment is interrupted – for example, in the absence of light – the doctor will contact you later and complete the consultation. In any case, payment is made only after full receipt of the service.

Currently, the cost and convenience of urgent online consultations are optimized for the comfort of both the doctor and the patient: they speak positively about their own experience in this process. This is a new trend that will completely change relationships in the field of medicine.

The introduction of urgent online consultation for patients coincided with the launch of e-prescription for all prescription drugs. With such a consultation, the patient can receive a repeat e-prescription in 5 minutes, if the treatment is long-term and it is necessary to extend its course.

With this e-prescription, you can immediately go to the pharmacy. With a discount, it is convenient to order such a drug through “Medications Online” at Helsi application. Although a paper prescription for such drugs is also valid, it is more convenient to use an e-prescription: it is faster and cheaper to purchase drugs.

Helsi smartphone app: https://app.helsi.me/

We would like to remind you that on April 1 in Ukraine, prescription drugs can be purchased with an electronic prescription. This innovation of the Ministry of Health, which was supposed to make life easier, caused real panic and huge queues in the city’s pharmacies. Kyivans simply “swept away” painkillers, anti-inflammatory, hormonal, contraceptive drugs.

Natalka MARKIV

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