Fashion took a back seat: Andre Tang on creating clothes for the military


Ukrainian fashion designer Andre Tan talked about the success of sewing clothes and body armor for the Armed Forces.

Andre Tan added that there is currently a huge shortage of fabric in Ukraine.

“- For the first three weeks, we coped with a lack of materials. They bought everything warm and everything that could be sewn. It is about unloading, fleece jackets, thermal underwear and men’s underpants. And the military was very happy about it. It sometimes seemed to me that the Armed Forces were more happy about new underwear than bulletproof vests – we have already sewn more than 12,000 units, and I am grateful to our seamstresses,” the fashion designer added.

Andre added that in today’s reality, fashion has taken a back seat. Now the main task is to keep our soldiers warm and protect them from the enemy.

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