The main trailer of the cartoon “Mavka” was released


The company FILM.UA Group and Animagrad presented the main trailer of the animated cartoon “Mavka. Forest Song”, based on Lesya Ukrainka’s play of the same name. It will be shown in Ukrainian cinemas from March 2.

The new video showed the winter image of Mavka, their first meeting with Lukash, as well as the plan of the villain Kilina. She promises people to revive an old sawmill near the Forest, which is only a cover for her true goal – to get to the Source of Life.

Despite the fact that in 7 years Mavka’s image has changed significantly, the heroine’s unique “chips” have remained in her: a tattoo in the form of pagan runes that begin to glow from Lukash’s magical music, as well as a unique outfit created by nature itself (the image was invented by Olga Navrotska) .

The characters of the animated film were voiced by Ukrainian celebrities. For the first time, three people worked on the creation of Mavka’s image – actress Natalka Denisenko voiced the main character, singer Khrystyna Solovii sang in two official soundtracks of the film, and prima ballerina Kateryna Kuhar endowed Mavka with movements and plasticity. Lukash will speak in the voice of Artem Pivovarov, Mavka’s friend Shumnyk Guk – DZIDZIO, Mermaid – Yulia Sanina, Natalya Sumska the witch doctor, Oleg Skrypka the mysterious voice from nowhere, and Olena Kravets the villain Kilina.

The premiere of the picture was repeatedly postponed. “Mavka” was supposed to be released on December 29, 2022, but due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the screening had to be postponed.

The project “Mavka. “Forest Song” in 2015 won the 9th competition of State Cinema and received 30% of state financing (total budget amount – almost 100 million hryvnias).

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